Michael, what a fantastic job you've done. The old retaining wall was close to collapse so the fact that you were so quick in removing it and constructing a completely new wall is greatly appreciated. I have no doubt the wall will outlast the rest of the place. Thank you so much. Dianne

We wanted a tranquil garden without having to spend a lot of time on the upkeep of it, and you have delivered. What a beautiful space we have now - I look forward to sitting on the bench on Sunday mornings, listening to the fountain and reading the paper. Thank you for your hardwork and bringing our garden back to life.  Richard W


Your expertise has gone a long way as far as the resale value of our house. The fence really sets off the driveway. I look foward to brainstorming with you when we move into our new property. Cheers Mick


I bet you didn't think you'd ever be able to leave our garden! We thought we'd begin (and finish) with a concreted carport but after the wonderful job you've done, we diversed into other projects including the beautiful sandstone boulder wall and staircase. I have so many more ideas as I'm sure you do as well, but just wanted to pass on our thanks for now, you've been so professional and patient - and the place looks great. Jackie