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Michael Furner

Founder and Certified Landscape Horticulturalist

Hi, I'm Michael Furner

Thanks for stopping by! I gather you're wanting to know more about Furner Landscapes and how we do things. No problems!


I founded Furner Landscapes in 2009 after working as a landscaper around the Central Coast and Blue Mountains areas. Working in the outdoors has always been a passion of mine. Even as a kid you'd find me outside constructing cubby houses and garden beds, tree forts, billy carts (and stacking them) and fixing old furniture for repurposing. I guess you could say I'm a jack of all trades which comes in handy being a landscaper! 

I've been a certified Landscape Horticulturalist for 17 years and I still love it. I can't think of anything else I'm more passionate about. It makes it especially satisfying when I get to work in one of the the most beautiful offices in the world; the Blue Mountains. 

My main goals when it comes to landscaping is to design and create an outdoor space that's relevant to the needs of the client and their budget whilst ensuring the project works in harmony with the surrounding landscape and architecture. I'm also very mindful of the environmental impact some projects can have so I like to spend some time considering ways to reduce our environmental impact as much as we possibly can. 


My workmanship is guaranteed at every stage of the project process which is an important aspect of choosing the right landscaper. I'm fully insured and hold a current Construction License so my clients have peace of mind that their going to receive a high quality service and end product. The client's happiness is just as important as the finished landscape project. 


I'm proud to say that Furner Landscapes is big enough to have years of experience yet small enough to be involved in every stage of your project. The diverse portfolio of garden creations means I'm confident in designing and implementing gardens of varying scale and style.


My wife, Erin, is responsible for the behind-the-scenes management of Furner Landscapes. She loves the outdoors just as much as I do.


When we're off the clock, you'll find us spending time with family. We're all big lovers of the outdoors...bushwalking, permaculture, roasting marshmallows by the firepit whilst star gazing. We believe this lifestyle is pretty special.


So if you feel we're a good fit for your next project; the fact that we value and listen to our clients, we deliver a cost-effective and high-quality landscape design and construction service, we ensure we're environmentally mindful, and we guarantee our work every stage of the process, then we'd love to offer you an obligation free quote. This is a great opportunity for you to meet with me and discuss your landscape needs so we can create a plan that suits your vision and budget. Just click on the button below and fill out the contact form to get started. 


Whatever the scale and scope of your project our goal is always to turn your vision into reality to create a stunning and functional outdoor area.

Take a look at our inspiring landscaping, design, and horticultural projects from across the Blue Mountains.


Discover what’s possible with a professional range of services and work that’s guaranteed.

We're different to other landscape companies

Here at Furner Landscapes we believe there are a few things that set us apart from other locally based and NSW landscaping companies. 

Whatever the scale and scope of you project our goal is always to turn your vision into reality to create a stunning and functional outdoor area.

Take a look at our inspiring landscaping, design, and horticultural projects from across Blue Mountains

Fern Plant


Michael and his team's first priority is to ensure we understand your landscaping needs so that the perfect concept can be designed and approved by you before official work goes ahead.  

We listen to our clients and work to their needs


Michael began his landscaping apprenticeship a year after graduation from High School and successfully became a certified Landscape Horticulturalist in 2006. He has worked in the Blue Mountains region and the Central Coast NSW doing what he loves ever since. His joy is to give new life to dilapidated gardens whilst seeing the pride property owners experience when their outdoor space is transformed.

Furner Landscapes has over 17 years experience in the landscaping industry


Michael and his team pay meticulous attention to all details of the landscape project to ensure the client is happy and the work is done to a high standard. Many projects we have done have been to fix other tradespeople's mistakes so client's can be sure they're getting value for money and a far better results.

We pay attention to detail


Furner Landscapes is a family owned business with Michael and Erin Furner at the forefront of the business. With 3 beautiful children, we value family time immensely. It's our belief that an outdoor space can bring families together whether it be around a quality crafted fire pit, a beautifully turfed lawn or an elaborate vegetable garden. 

We're a family owned business


Creating a beautiful and fully functioning outdoor space may also require the assistance of other like-minded tradespeople. This is why we have developed close relationships with people in the trade industry that hold the same values and passion as we do. This means each client receives the best end version of their landscape plan. 

We have close relationships with other tradespeople


Unfortunately the trades industry can have a bad wrap when it comes to customer service and listening to client's needs. Our approach is completely different. We're very approachable, friendly and love a good laugh. 

We're very friendly


We understand that as the project progresses, client's needs may change or their views about the functionality of the outdoor space may evolve. Michael and his team aren't afraid of change and are very flexible in redesigning and integrating different ideas into the project. 

We're flexible throughout the whole project process


Client's don't want to live among a hazardous mess as the landscape work progresses. This is why we ensure that after each day of work, all tools are packed away and the site is left in a safe state. Once the project is complete, Michael does a final thorough walk-thru to ensure everything is clean and tidy. 

We clean up after ourselves


OH&S is very important to us because not only does it keep our team safe but it also protects our clients and the public. We carry out OH&S practices at all times; ensuring all barriers and signage are erected if needed.

We abide by Occupational Health and Safety Standards


It's a requirement that all Landscape trades hold appropriate insurance and a valid construction licence. Michael holds all relevant licence' and insurance so you can have peace of mind in knowing that any work we do is guaranteed. 

We are fully insured and licensed