Plant Shed

Landscape Design

Landscape Plan Drawing.jpg

Landscape design is the stage where we discuss your needs and vision for your outdoor space. This is typically done face-to-face so we can gain a deeper understanding of your design objectives. We offer recommendations, inspiration and suitable designs for your budget so by the end of the initial consultation we will have an overall image of the finished landscape project that you can be completely happy with.


This is also a great opportunity to discuss key elements to the design of your space including possible project materials (e.g. pavers) and plant materials. We can also offer material samples to help you envisage the finished garden.


It is important to note that your project design can be easily updated if you decide to make alterations as we realise ideas and functionality needs can change.


An estimate cost to implement the design will also be provided. We price your project as we design it. This ensures your budget is respected throughout the entire process.








After reviewing the scope of work, we can advise you if council approval is required before the project can go ahead. We can also offer you the information you will need to present to council.