Your Garden Still Needs You!

Even in the coolder months!

There's a dangerous rumour going around that the colder days we're experiencing here in the Blue Mountains means our gardens no longer need TLC. That couldn't be further from the truth. Although the rate of growth slows down (especially the lawn), this doesn't mean our gardens are inactive. I have some really useful tips to share with you that will help your garden to flourish even if the temperatures are decreasing. The benefit to looking after the garden is two-fold; no, correction, three-fold. Firstly maintaining your garden no matter the time of year means your garden will always look it's best which ultimately means you can enjoy it all year round. Secondly, by taking some time manicuring your garden, you have an opportunity to double (or more) the number of plants in your garden by propagation, and thirdly - you'll save a lot of money on heating! When you're actively manicuring your garden you'll get plenty of exercise - more increase = higher body temperature = less money spent on heating bills to keep warm! Who would have thought maintaining your garden had so many benefits!

Here are my top 6 tips for you to take on board during the cooler months in the Blue Mountains:

#1 - Autumn is the time to make new plants from cuttings. Take 10cm cuttings from hardwood herbs such as rosemary and bay or natives such as banksias, grevillea and coastal rosemary. Remove the lower leaves, dip cuttings into hormone powder and pot in small containers of premium potting mix. Keep just moist and shelter from strong wind and sun.

#2 - Gather Fallen Leaves and Debris. We've had our fair share of wind and rain lately, so it's no wonder our garden is littered with fallen leaves and debris. It's best to gather the litter so the undergrowth is able to receive sunlight and therefore won't die off. You can simply play the litter in a layered compost bin.

#3 - Turn your compost regularly. Turn your compost periodically with a garden fork to allow air to circulate and feed organisms, and decompose the organic matter quickly. Don‘t overload your compost with one particular ingredient – maintain a mix.

#4 - Prune harvested fruit trees. Now is the time to prune your harvested fruit tress, except apple trees. Wait until Winter sets in when they lie dormant. Make sure you apply compost as a form of mulch to the trees also.

#5 - Spray frost sensitive plants. For those plants in your garden that are susceptible to frost, you can apply an anti-transpirant spray to avoid frost damage.

#6 - Bring in colour. Your garden doesn't have to remain outdoors either. You can easily buy indoor plants in flower such as cyclamen, chrysanthemum and poinsettia for colour for six weeks. Keep in well-lit space.

And as always - we are here to provide more tips and tricks for your garden. We also offer obligation free quotes for your next landscaping project (no project is too big or small) so call us today to organise a time (ph: 0438 592 025).

Until next time!