Top 5 Essential Spring Garden Tips

Spring has arrived in the beautiful Blue Mountains (although it snowed on the 14th October!) and it always brings about a certain amount of motivation to tidy up the garden and make it look inviting. So I thought I would include some essential Spring garden tips that you can easily implement to help your garden flourish during the warmer season.

TIP #5: Fertilise all Spring flowering plants - this simply maximises the flower rate and longevity of the plant. You can use an all rounder fertiliser or Dynamic Lifter (our personal favourite) which will have your plants thanking you in the long run.

TIP #4: Aerate and Top Dress Your Lawn - Top dressing your lawn is simply spreading a thin layer of top-dress mix (soil) to improve the health of your lawn for the looming hot Summer days. It also acts as a fertiliser. Aerating your lawn will help the nutrients from the top-dress mix to reach the roots which will make your Lawn incredibly happy.

TIP #3: Mulch all Your Garden Beds - The type of mulch you use is really up to your own preference as they all do a wonderful job of keeping the moisture in the ground. This is especially important as the weather heats up. Our personal favourite mulch is known as Euci Mulch which derives from Eucalyptus leaves.

TIP #2: Improve Any Drainage Issues Around Your Property - If you have lived in the mountains for long, you'll undoubtedly be familiar with the regular evening thunderstorms we get from the hot temperatues of the day. These thunderstorms can bring about flash flooding which can of course be detrimental to your property if it does not have the appropriate drainage facilities. This can be a bit of a tricky process so my advice is to contact us to provide an accurate assessment of your property's drainage status.

TIP #1: Prune, Prune, Prune - We have left the best till last because pruning is inherently associated with Spring garden tasks. Prune dead wood from the Winter season using sharp secateures. It is also a great time to prune out old growth to promote healthy new growth so that your garden continues to flourish.

We hope you have enjoyed reading up on our top 5 tips for garden survival during the warmer months in the beautiful Blue Mountains. We love to share our expertise and knowledge in all things garden and landscaping, particularly to those who appreciate the outdoors.

There is undoubtedly one, or a number of landscaping tasks you have been putting off, whether you are time constrained or unsure how to approach and create it, which is where we come in. For all your landscaping needs, call us now: 0438 592 025. We look forward to transforming your outdoor area.