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April 22, 2018

Drainage issues in your garden can cause serious long term structural damage to your property which can be costly to fix! Luckily we have some easy ways to fix the drainage problems.

April 19, 2016

A retaining wall can be an attractive feature to any outdoor living space but they also serve a very important purpose - to stabilise the sloping ground, prevent erosion and movement of soil. It's for this reason that your retaining walls structure must be built correc...

November 7, 2015



Although the temperature is increasing here in the Blue Mountains, we're still considered a cold climate area of Australia. This is why it can get a bit confusing working out what the best herbs, fruits and vegetables are that will grow easily in your garden.


Since t...

April 24, 2015


Even in the coolder months!




There's a dangerous rumour going around that the colder days we're experiencing here in the Blue Mountains means our gardens no longer need TLC. That couldn't be further from the truth. Although the rate of growth slows down (especially t...

December 5, 2014

As we enter the Summer months and temperatures continue to climb, it's no surprise that the demand for water in the garden increases. Being water smart will help you in a number ways. Firstly, you're doing your bit for the environment. As Australia is a dry climate cou...

October 16, 2014

Spring has arrived in the beautiful Blue Mountains (although it snowed on the 14th October!) and it always brings about a certain amount of motivation to tidy up the garden and make it look inviting. So I thought I would include some essential Spring garden tips that y...

June 1, 2014

You might have noticed the changes in the look of your garden as we enter the more cooler months in the Blue Mountains; the deciduous trees loosing their leaves, the lawn growth slowing down and the enthusiasm to maintain the garden becomes less and less.



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