Signs Your Retaining Wall Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

A retaining wall can be an attractive feature to any outdoor living space but they also serve a very important purpose - to stabilise the sloping ground, prevent erosion and movement of soil. It's for this reason that your retaining walls structure must be built correctly so it can withstand any changes to the land mass over time.

Since the Blue Mountains is a significantly undulated area, there's a higher chance your retaining wall may move or crack over time and depending on the area the wall is holding up could create serious damage to other spaces on your property.

Signs your current retaining wall may need to be repaired or in some cases completely replaced include:

- The wall is tilted, leaning forward, or has a bowed appearance

- The face of the wall is crumbling, split, or pavers have fallen off

- A section of the wall is separated from the rest of the structure

- Cracks have appeared and are becoming more noticeable

These images also demonstrate retaining wall distress:

It might be tempting to fix it yourself over the weekend but retaining walls are complicated structures that must adhere to specific structural guidelines to ensure they do their job properly. Firstly it must have a stable foundation, excellent drainage, and of course be strong enough to withstand the typical Blue Mountains terrain. Any retaining wall that is created without these principles in place are likely to fail which could cause more damage and damage your wallet significantly.

So the smart and most cost effective solution is to hire a professional who knows exactly what to do and how to do it correctly the first time, every time. Of course, Furner Landscapes has the expertise and tools to ensure your retaining wall is properly constructed and designed in a way that enhances the beauty of your property.

If you're looking to get your retaining wall repaired / replaced or you're after a brand new retaining wall then please don't hesitate to contact Michael of Furner Landscapes. All contact details can be found on this website.